Meeting began at 6:35 GMT.

Meeting ended at 7:49 GMT.


Will try to link to the logs below, if possible.

  • UP QA Session
  • King Zultra I speech
  • Cllr Harolds speech
  • Zygethian QA session
  • State of Research
  • Open Floor

Log of MeetingEdit

[6:35pm] • King_Zultra_I Stands, getting ready to speak

[6:35pm] King_Zultra_I: Everyo

[6:35pm] King_Zultra_I: Everyone settle down.

[6:35pm] King_Zultra_I: Now we will start tonights meeting with a Universe Project Questions and Answer Session, for those not in the know about UP, note the answers tonight isn't official but will help and should answer most of your questions, now lets start

[6:36pm] • King_Zultra_I Sits

[6:36pm] King_Zultra_I: Anyone?

[6:36pm] • R-2_Patrick_Cosh raises hand

[6:36pm] Stroopwafel joined the chat room.

[6:36pm] Stroopwafel: hey

[6:37pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes R-2_Patrick_Cosh

[6:37pm] Stroopwafel: Who is dev

[6:37pm] Cllr_Harold_C: We're currently doing a UP Q&A Stroop

[6:37pm] Cllr_Harold_C: We don't have a dev here

[6:37pm] Cllr_Harold_C: It's unofficial

[6:37pm] Stroopwafel: ohh

[6:37pm] King_Zultra_I: What's your Question R-2_Patrick_Cosh

[6:37pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: I've been away for a while, and last I heard they were working on the network structure. Has any progress been made since then?

[6:38pm] Stroopwafel: What do you think? How many irl days would it take to invent the first things?

[6:38pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes, quite a lot, with my conversationns with the Dev progress has been made

[6:38pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Looking at the screenshots to

[6:38pm] Cllr_Harold_C: They seem to have moved on a bit

[6:38pm] Stroopwafel: You gave contact with dew?

[6:38pm] King_Zultra_I: Stroopwafel raise your hand when asking a Question

[6:38pm] Stroopwafel: *have

[6:38pm] Stroopwafel: ok

[6:38pm] Stroopwafel: *raises hand*

[6:39pm] King_Zultra_I: I speak to the dev on a routine basis

[6:39pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: Okay, thank you. I'll look for a change log of sorts.

[6:39pm] King_Zultra_I: What's your Question Stroopwafel

[6:39pm] Stroopwafel: What do you think? How many irl days would it take to invent the first things?

[6:39pm] King_Zultra_I: R-2_Patrick_Cosh here you go

[6:40pm] King_Zultra_I: Depends Stroopwafel our researchers will be hard at work with discovering edibles, usable resources etc.

[6:40pm] Stroopwafel: Ill start with agriculture

[6:40pm] Cllr_Harold_C: I'd imagine that you'd be able to discover a few simple things day one

[6:40pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Maybe how to make fire wit ha couple of sticks

[6:40pm] Cllr_Harold_C: *with a

[6:40pm] Stroopwafel: or how to pick up stuff from ground

[6:40pm] Sir_Trewier: Yes, and some early weaponry

[6:41pm] King_Zultra_I: Stroopwafel agriculture will take time to develop

[6:41pm] Stroopwafel: ik

[6:41pm] Sir_Trewier: Like clubs or sharpstones

[6:41pm] Stroopwafel: but ill start a business with agriculture

[6:41pm] King_Zultra_I: but we'll be able to plant wild bushes etc..

[6:41pm] Stroopwafel: later berrys,tomatoes and other plants

[6:41pm] King_Zultra_I: Join us if you want Stroopwafel stay after the meeting and I'll sort you out

[6:42pm] Stroopwafel: What do you mean?

[6:42pm] Sir_Trewier: Well, you first would have to find those crops in the wild Stroopwafel

[6:42pm] Sir_Trewier: and learn how to cultivate them

[6:42pm] Stroopwafel: I know

[6:42pm] King_Zultra_I: Then breed the required qualities

[6:42pm] King_Zultra_I: Like Cows

[6:43pm] King_Zultra_I: breed two bug Cows and you'll get bigger Calves

[6:43pm] King_Zultra_I: Anymore Questions?

[6:43pm] Stroopwafel: I dont mean this. 17:00 game get online. 17:01 i join. 17:02 i have the biggest farm on the earth and my own company

[6:44pm] King_Zultra_I: Join Zygethia and you'll be part of the most organised Realm on the planet.

[6:44pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Expect it to take a few months for any meaningful agriculture

[6:44pm] Sir_Trewier: No but it would still take some time for things to develop

[6:44pm] King_Zultra_I: Agreed Cllr_Harold_C but we'll experiment ASAP

[6:45pm] Stroopwafel: Wait 5 minutes before you daid "Join us if you want Stroopwafel stay after the meeting and I'll sort you out " what do you mean?

[6:45pm] King_Zultra_I: If you want to join us, I or some of the senior members will quite you through the Application process

[6:46pm] King_Zultra_I: *gide

[6:46pm] King_Zultra_I: Guide

[6:46pm] Stroopwafel: Im confussed

[6:47pm] Cllr_Harold_C: This meeting is hosted by Zygethia, if you want to join Zygethia stay after

[6:47pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Zygethia is a nation

[6:47pm] Sir_Trewier: Als je bij onze natie will horen moet je na deze bijeenkomst even wachten dan helpen we je.

[6:47pm] Stroopwafel: OHHHHHH

[6:47pm] King_Zultra_I: We'll sign you up-to the Nation Sir_Trewier would you like to help Stroopwafel in PM's so as not to disrupt the meeting (no offence)

[6:48pm] Sir_Trewier: Yes, but I'll do it after the meeting

[6:48pm] Stroopwafel: OHHHHHH *bulb lights over my head*

[6:48pm] Stroopwafel: Zultra i understand what you mean

[6:48pm] • King_Zultra_I Commands silence from everyone so he can Speak

[6:48pm] Stroopwafel: Lol

[6:48pm] Sir_Trewier: Well talk about it later Stroopwafel

[6:48pm] • King_Zultra_I rises

[6:49pm] King_Zultra_I: Anymore Questions?

[6:49pm] • Stroopwafel wants to get through the application

[6:49pm] King_Zultra_I: Afterwards Stroopwafel

[6:50pm] • King_Zultra_I sits

[6:50pm] Cllr_Harold_C: I believe we're ready to move on to the next stage of the meeting.

[6:50pm] King_Zultra_I: Aye

[6:50pm] • King_Zultra_I Stands, getting ready to speak

[6:50pm] Stroopwafel: What can i do when i get through the application?

[6:51pm] Cllr_Harold_C: No talking during a speech.

[6:51pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Wait till after

[6:51pm] King_Zultra_I: Now that the Universe Project QA session is over we shall start the night.

[6:51pm] King_Zultra_I: I would like to start this speech by mentioning how much I and the Council Appreciates the efforts that the people here make in not just attending tonight but for Zygethia how without the Zygethians in here we would be nothing apart from dust in the wind.

[6:52pm] King_Zultra_I: Activism is absolutely vital to Zygethia; for we are in our Embroyinc stage, these coming months will be pivotal to our success and survival, this is where our new initiative spearheaded by the ever ethusiastic Cllr Harold to promote activism by rewarding active behaviour, this is why for the Zygethians that stay most of tonight will earn the new Activity badge!

[6:53pm] • King_Zultra_I claps (Everyone clap)

[6:53pm] • Sir_Trewier claps

[6:53pm] • Cllr_Harold_C claps

[6:53pm] • Stroopwafel claps

[6:53pm] • King_Zultra_I stop

[6:53pm] King_Zultra_I: Every Zygethian is exceptional, we value and reward loyalty, determination, intelligience and bravery, which is why we set out with the Huscarls! They are distinquished Zygethians who have served the Realm and her people well, they are the best we have and all current Huscarls are bastions of honour.

[6:53pm] Stroopwafel: *raises hand*

[6:54pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes Stroopwafel ?

[6:54pm] Stroopwafel: I have a question sir.So is this "Zygethian" a nation later in the game??

[6:54pm] King_Zultra_I: We'll discuss that after the meeting, speak while I speak again and you'll be muted (No offence)

[6:55pm] King_Zultra_I: We've spent many a night in this room planning how we will work, we've formed a very sturdy power-structure, multi-tiered, provides flexibility and autonomy to have a fun, efficiently run realm with a stable power-base while at the same time providing a emmersive, interactive experience for all Zygethians, everyone in the realm will have a opportunity to rise in the ranks if he/she is skilled enough.

[6:55pm] King_Zultra_I: At the Same time the Crown will have a lot of power to be able to make use of our resources in a complete and quick manner if the time comes, be it a War Situation, a time of Famine or if other disasters were to happen.

[6:56pm] King_Zultra_I: The Power Structure is as follows Unlanded (Be it Huscarls as well) - Chiefs (Controller of a Village or similar settlement) - Karl (Liege of multiple Chiefs) - Jarls (Liege of Multiple Karls) - Monarch (Liege of multiple Jarls), they'll be others but they'll be worked out later

[6:57pm] King_Zultra_I: On the Command structure you see that the 'Leaders' of a Holding are the vassals of that holder not directly the King (But the King can override the Liege of a Karldom), This provides a unique dynamic within the Realm, that your community Leader is *your* leader and that he has one etc...

[6:57pm] King_Zultra_I: The Logistic structure of Zygethia is unique, we'll have a tiered system for this, the Local Resource Depot will provide resources to a Single Community, this where you'll drop off your Quota's If you're a Lumberjack for example you'll put your Logs into the Depot, food however goes in a seperate depot, but that's still being worked on.

[6:58pm] King_Zultra_I: Sir Trewier Coshall worked diligiently on a number of Diagrams to show how this will work, this can be found on the Forums.

[6:58pm] • King_Zultra_I claps (everyone clap)

[6:58pm] • Cllr_Harold_C claps

[6:59pm] • King_Zultra_I stop

[6:59pm] King_Zultra_I: Now that I've most likely made you all die of boredom, I'll move on for now to our Marshal Cllr_Harold_C please rise.

[6:59pm] • Cllr_Harold_C rises

[6:59pm] King_Zultra_I: You're free to speak Councillor

[6:59pm] • King_Zultra_I sits

[6:59pm] • Cllr_Harold_C scrambles to get papers together

[7:00pm] Cllr_Harold_C: About a month ago I was made Marshall, the commander of the military. When the game starts this will be one of the most important positions in the country, it's a high honor. Since the game hasn't started and we don't have a military yet right now my position mainly revolves around thinking of ideas to create a superior military when one is formed.

[7:00pm] Cllr_Harold_C: For a few years I've had an intense interest in military history and organization. There are a couple patterns to be noticed in military history, I think one of the biggest is the power that comes when a nation controls the oceans.

[7:00pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Rome, Spain, The British Empire. All of these nations had the dominant navy of the world at the height of their power. The transition of power from Spain to the British Empire happened after the British Empire destroyed Spain's greatest armada. So as you might have been able to tell, I believe that in order to succeed Zygethia will need to heavily invest in naval power. Settling by the ocean or a river is integral to this str

[7:01pm] • Sir_Trewier nods agreeingly

[7:01pm] • King_Zultra_I nods

[7:01pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Of course we can't put all of our focus into a navy, simply because ships can't sail on land. A land based army is important as well. The Zygethian army will consist mainly of the Crown Army (Full Time) and the Levy Army (A reserve of sorts.) The Levy army being called on only when necessary. Similar armies have been organized in this manner throughout history, and for the most part it's worked well. Individual fiefs may also

[7:01pm] Cllr_Harold_C: more under their jurisdiction

[7:02pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Funding for the military will probably come mainly from taxes, but there will be other sources. Surplus and outdated small arms will be sold to the civilian population, maybe exported to friendly countries. Another possible source is loot from raids on enemy villages. Depending on the number of enemies, and the pace of military research, it's possible the army could be self sustainable in these ways.

[7:02pm] Cllr_Harold_C: If we approach it right I believe that the minds of Zygethia have the ability to create one of the greatest early armies in the early Universe Project, one that will last well into it.

[7:02pm] • Cllr_Harold_C sits

[7:02pm] • King_Zultra_I rises

[7:03pm] • King_Zultra_I claps

[7:03pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso joined the chat room.

[7:03pm] • R-2_Patrick_Cosh claps

[7:03pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso kneel

[7:03pm] • Sir_Trewier claps

[7:03pm] King_Zultra_I: What a good Speech Councillor

[7:03pm] King_Zultra_I: You've put thought into your plans and with the help of the people we will do as you suggest

[7:04pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Thank you

[7:04pm] King_Zultra_I: I'd like to share with you all a proposition

[7:04pm] King_Zultra_I: I've formulated a timetable system that'll allocate members there hours based on the gaming time they have

[7:04pm] • Stroopwafel is amazed!

[7:05pm] King_Zultra_I: and the 2 hours of mandatory Fyrd training

[7:05pm] • Stroopwafel raises hand

[7:05pm] • King_Zultra_I gets Sir_Trewier to lower Stroopwafel 'd hand

[7:06pm] King_Zultra_I: I would like you all to review it in your own time

[7:06pm] Sir_Trewier: *Lowers stroopwafels hand

[7:06pm] King_Zultra_I: We also have a Wiki, which is being built add to it when you can

[7:07pm] King_Zultra_I: Don't forget about our Guilds proposition -

[7:07pm] King_Zultra_I: Cllr_Harold_C unless you have anything else to add I feel like we can move to the Zygethian QA session now

[7:08pm] Cllr_Harold_C: I don't believe so, we may move on.

[7:08pm] Stroopwafel: What is guild

[7:08pm] King_Zultra_I: I would like to conclude my speech by saying we have lots planned, ranging from a Infographic showing fully how our Military system will work to a totally unique religion prepared.

[7:08pm] King_Zultra_I: I would like to now start the Zygethian Question and Answer session, if you have any questions just address them to Myself or Cllr Harold.

[7:08pm] • King_Zultra_I sits

[7:09pm] • Stroopwafel raises hand

[7:09pm] King_Zultra_I: yes Stroopwafel

[7:09pm] Stroopwafel: What is guild?

[7:09pm] King_Zultra_I: A guild is a Trade Union

[7:09pm] • Stroopwafel raises hand again

[7:09pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso raise hand

[7:09pm] King_Zultra_I: Say your a Miner, you'd be in the Miners union

[7:09pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Herid

[7:09pm] King_Zultra_I: R-2_Herid_Erikso yes?

[7:10pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: I was just wondering stigwig is here

[7:10pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: *wh

[7:10pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: y

[7:10pm] Cllr_Harold_C: The meeting is public, anyone may attend

[7:10pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: I see

[7:10pm] King_Zultra_I: It's a Open house

[7:10pm] • Stroopwafel raises hand again

[7:10pm] King_Zultra_I: yes Stroopwafel

[7:10pm] Stroopwafel: What about economy??

[7:10pm] stigwig: Do you have a problem with my attendance?

[7:10pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Raise your hand before speaking stigwig

[7:11pm] • King_Zultra_I "Order" Everyone sit-down

[7:11pm] King_Zultra_I: Now lets answer Stroop

[7:11pm] • stigwig sits

[7:11pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso sits

[7:11pm] • Cllr_Harold_C sits

[7:11pm] King_Zultra_I: The Economy is based on a Distributionist model

[7:12pm] King_Zultra_I: You put a % of what you make (Be it Resources or Money) into your local Resource depot

[7:12pm] King_Zultra_I: Anymore Questions anyone?

[7:12pm] • R-2_Patrick_Cosh raises hand

[7:13pm] King_Zultra_I: R-2_Patrick_Cosh yes?

[7:13pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: There was mentioning of some type of training earlier, it began with an F, can that be elaborated on more?

[7:14pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso agrees

[7:14pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Most people will serve in a militia, a reserve force. The training is basically just making sure you're ready if you're needed

[7:14pm] Cllr_Harold_C: Fyrdman training

[7:14pm] King_Zultra_I: The Fyrd, The Fyrd is our Militia, everyone is automatically a member of the Fyrd, they're the levy soldiers, you do 2 hours of training a week (Either at once or Split into two)

[7:15pm] King_Zultra_I: A example of that is shown in the Timetable Proposition.

[7:15pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: Ok, thank you.

[7:16pm] King_Zultra_I: May I point you to this

[7:16pm] King_Zultra_I: Anything else?

[7:16pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: Yes, one more, if I may.

[7:16pm] • Stroopwafel raises hand

[7:16pm] King_Zultra_I: Carry on

[7:16pm] King_Zultra_I: Stroopwafel you'll be after Patrick

[7:16pm] Stroopwafel: Ok

[7:17pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: Is there anything we have to worry about when posting to the wiki/forum in these early stages of development?

[7:17pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: I believe both are very publicly available, so just curious about the state of making things secure/private.

[7:17pm] King_Zultra_I: The rule is, if it's said in the Zygethian High Council room it stays there

[7:17pm] Stroopwafel: I forgıt my question

[7:18pm] Cllr_Harold_C: At the moment we aren't too concerned about keeping things private

[7:18pm] Cllr_Harold_C: There isn't much that we're talking about that would be useful to anybody else

[7:18pm] • Sir_Trewier raises hand

[7:18pm] Cllr_Harold_C: But maybe in the future we'll open up a forum for more sensitive things

[7:18pm] King_Zultra_I: If anything needs privacy we'll use formal letters

[7:18pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: Ok, thank you, again.

[7:18pm] King_Zultra_I: Sir_Trewier you're after Stroop

[7:19pm] Stroopwafel: I forgot my question

[7:19pm] Stroopwafel: ohh

[7:19pm] Stroopwafel: wait

[7:19pm] King_Zultra_I: Ok

[7:19pm] King_Zultra_I: Sir_Trewier

[7:19pm] Stroopwafel: NOO

[7:19pm] King_Zultra_I: You remembered it?

[7:19pm] Sir_Trewier: You'll be after me Stroop

[7:19pm] Stroopwafel: ok

[7:19pm] King_Zultra_I: yes Carry on Sir_Trewier

[7:19pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso chuckles

[7:19pm] Sir_Trewier: Is there anything you can tell us about the religion you have been working on?

[7:20pm] King_Zultra_I: It's based on my personal Religious Belief as a Odinist

[7:20pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso raises hand

[7:20pm] King_Zultra_I: It'll have 2 main sections for now (Branches you could say)

[7:20pm] King_Zultra_I: More will be disclosed later

[7:20pm] King_Zultra_I: yes Stroopwafel

[7:20pm] Sir_Trewier: Ok

[7:21pm] Stroopwafel: Monarchi?

[7:21pm] King_Zultra_I: R-2_Heric_Erikso you're after Stroop

[7:21pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes, We're a Monarchy

[7:21pm] Stroopwafel: Ok thats it

[7:21pm] King_Zultra_I: ok

[7:21pm] • R-2_Patrick_Cosh raises hand

[7:21pm] King_Zultra_I: R-2_Herid_Erikso

[7:21pm] King_Zultra_I: Patrick you're after Herid

[7:21pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: Will the religion be enforced upon us and those we conquer

[7:22pm] King_Zultra_I: You'll be free to join it

[7:22pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: Ok

[7:22pm] King_Zultra_I: but the Religion will be autonomous from the Realm in some aspects

[7:22pm] King_Zultra_I: I.E the Monarch will be a Patron of the Religion

[7:23pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes Patrick

[7:23pm] King_Zultra_I: R-2_Patrick_Cosh

[7:23pm] King_Zultra_I: R-2_Patrick_Cosh

[7:23pm] King_Zultra_I: Anyone else got a question?

[7:24pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: Will there be penalties for not being part of the national religion? I wouldn't object to participating in pre-battle rituals, but weekly church is something I wouldn't do, most likely.

[7:24pm] King_Zultra_I: You won't be forced

[7:24pm] King_Zultra_I: and the way we'll set it out is that there won't be a Church per say

[7:24pm] King_Zultra_I: but Chapter houses, more info will come in the next few weeks

[7:25pm] Stroopwafel left the chat room. (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)

[7:25pm] King_Zultra_I: Anyone else got any questions?

[7:25pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso raises hand

[7:25pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes R-2_Herid_Erikso ?

[7:26pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: what are our relations like between us and the norse confed?

[7:26pm] mickio1 joined the chat room.

[7:26pm] mickio6: hello

[7:26pm] mickio6: so thats were we will meet the game dev(s)?

[7:27pm] King_Zultra_I: Neutral, hot words don't mean anything till in-game

[7:27pm] King_Zultra_I: mickio1 meeting is in process

[7:27pm] Cllr_Harold_C: At the moment we are having a Zythian Q&A Mickio, if you wish to meet the game devs go to the official UP IRC

[7:27pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: I see

[7:27pm] Cllr_Harold_C: #Universeproject

[7:27pm] mickio6: ok sorry

[7:27pm] King_Zultra_I: but stay if you want

[7:27pm] King_Zultra_I: you're welcome to take a seat

[7:27pm] mickio6: yea sure i dont have anything else to do so yea why not?

[7:28pm] King_Zultra_I: Good, but when people are speaking don't speak

[7:28pm] King_Zultra_I: Any other questions?

[7:28pm] • stigwig raises hand

[7:28pm] King_Zultra_I: Cllr_Harold_C you got any questions?

[7:28pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes stigwig

[7:29pm] stigwig: I have a question for Herid

[7:29pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: Yes

[7:29pm] King_Zultra_I: Wait till Open house

[7:29pm] stigwig: He seems rather opposed to me, why? Or am I mistaken

[7:29pm] King_Zultra_I: *Open floor

[7:29pm] King_Zultra_I: answer it when Open floor is active

[7:29pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: Ok

[7:29pm] Cllr_Harold_C: I have no questions

[7:29pm] King_Zultra_I: Ok

[7:29pm] • King_Zultra_I rises to speak

[7:30pm] King_Zultra_I: Before I move on to the Open-floor session I would like to point out our research

[7:30pm] King_Zultra_I: Everyone is free to contribute to it, for the good of the Realm and the World, if you want to help contact me,

[7:31pm] King_Zultra_I: Now I would like to start the Open floor session, if you got a speech, comments etc.. it's your floor but use /me rise when you ask or answer a question or speech

[7:31pm] • stigwig rises

[7:32pm] stigwig: Herid

[7:32pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: Yes

[7:32pm] stigwig: My question has already been asked

[7:32pm] King_Zultra_I: Ask it again for posterity

[7:32pm] stigwig: You seem rather against the Confed, why?

[7:33pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: Any outsider or enemy of zygethia in my eyes are barbaric and should be tamed

[7:33pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: I feel uncomfortable in the presence of such creature

[7:33pm] stigwig: That's a from of racism I believe

[7:33pm] mickio6: that sounds slightly mad if i say to myself

[7:33pm] stigwig: *form

[7:33pm] • King_Zultra_I rises

[7:33pm] • Sir_Trewier rises

[7:34pm] King_Zultra_I: Order, Rise when you speak

[7:34pm] Sir_Trewier: You could call it racism, but no less did the ancient Greeks or Romans

[7:34pm] • stigwig rises

[7:34pm] • Cllr_Harold_C rises

[7:34pm] Cllr_Harold_C: It's not racism at all, it's nationalism if anyhting

[7:35pm] Sir_Trewier: Besides, you could debate if it is racism or just someones opinion

[7:35pm] • Sir_Trewier sits

[7:35pm] • stigwig Well it's his opinion, does Zygethia support it?

[7:35pm] • mickio1 rises

[7:35pm] • Cllr_Harold_C sits

[7:35pm] mickio6: yes but i highly remove the facts that if you class all the outsiders as "barbarians" thats utterly stupid

[7:35pm] mickio6: *that

[7:35pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso rise

[7:35pm] King_Zultra_I: It's Natural and healthy to be suspicious of Strangers we can't let strangers walk free within Zygethia, that's my take on it

[7:35pm] • Sir_Trewier rises

[7:36pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: I strongly agree

[7:36pm] • Cllr_Harold_C rises

[7:36pm] King_Zultra_I: Everyone sit-down

[7:36pm] Sir_Trewier: It is Herid Erikson's opinion

[7:36pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso sits down

[7:36pm] • Sir_Trewier sits

[7:36pm] • Cllr_Harold_C sits

[7:36pm] mickio6: what if they are travelers? politicians? or merchants?

[7:36pm] • stigwig rises

[7:36pm] stigwig: What is your opinion on Herid's opinion Zultra?

[7:36pm] King_Zultra_I: It's his Opinion

[7:37pm] • Cllr_Harold_C rises

[7:37pm] stigwig: How do you feel about it? Would you support it? Or condemn him?

[7:37pm] mickio6: i wont say to let everyone inside but still...

[7:37pm] Cllr_Harold_C: I'll be back in 10 minutes, I have to do something

[7:37pm] • King_Zultra_I rises

[7:37pm] mickio6: nothing is just black and white!

[7:37pm] Cllr_Harold_C left the chat room. (Quit: Page closed)

[7:37pm] • Sir_Trewier rises

[7:37pm] • stigwig rises

[7:37pm] • mickio1 sits

[7:37pm] stigwig: The Confed actively supports meeting strangers

[7:37pm] stigwig: As a nomad group we like strangers

[7:37pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso rise

[7:38pm] stigwig: And don't classify them as barbarians

[7:38pm] King_Zultra_I: We are Zygethian Nationalists, we don't hate anyone that doesn't deserve to be hated, but we are very suspicious to everyone that isn't us

[7:38pm] • stigwig rises

[7:38pm] stigwig: SO paranoid?

[7:38pm] • mickio1 rises

[7:38pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: no just not follish

[7:39pm] R-2_Herid_Erikso: *foolish

[7:39pm] King_Zultra_I: There'll be Bandits, thieves around we will protect our Kin

[7:39pm] • King_Zultra_I everyone sit

[7:39pm] • R-2_Herid_Erikso sits

[7:39pm] Sir_Trewier: Herid Erikson can see everyone outside of Zygethia as barbarians, but that is his opinion and his opinion to have. We are just more cautious than other nations

[7:39pm] • Sir_Trewier sits

[7:39pm] King_Zultra_I: Agreed Sir Trewier

[7:40pm] • stigwig rises

[7:40pm] mickio6: i would say that being suspicious may be too far and i know protecting is important but in such a land, we should not let everyone in or just throw them out

[7:40pm] stigwig: What are your feelings on the Conged?

[7:40pm] stigwig: *Confed

[7:40pm] • Sir_Trewier rises

[7:40pm] mickio6: there is a line between the twos

[7:40pm] • mickio1 sits

[7:40pm] King_Zultra_I: They're Break-aways, we won't actively hunt them down but we will not tolerate them on our lands

[7:40pm] Sir_Trewier: I don't really care about the Confed, if you are nice to me I will be nice to you

[7:41pm] King_Zultra_I: Anyone else got any questions?

[7:41pm] Sir_Trewier: But if you are not allowed to wander our land, I will indeed deny you access to it

[7:42pm] • R-2_Patrick_Cosh rises

[7:42pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes R-2_Patrick_Cosh

[7:42pm] Sir_Trewier: It would probably for the better of the universe project that we just ignore and tolerate ach other

[7:42pm] R-2_Patrick_Cosh: Before everyone leaves, just wanted to let you all know the transcript can be found at when I post it.

[7:43pm] • R-2_Patrick_Cosh sits

[7:43pm] • stigwig rises

[7:43pm] King_Zultra_I: Agreed Sir Trewier

[7:43pm] stigwig: How would you feel about trade?

[7:43pm] King_Zultra_I: Trade is welcome with everyone except hostiles

[7:43pm] • Sir_Trewier Given time we could start trading if the King approves of it

[7:43pm] King_Zultra_I: but we'll be self-sufficient

[7:44pm] Sir_Trewier: Yes but we won't have everything to our disposal, so I would support trade

[7:44pm] King_Zultra_I: True, but for the fundamentals (Food) we will

[7:44pm] Sir_Trewier: It's better to forgive than forget

[7:44pm] King_Zultra_I: all sit

[7:44pm] • Sir_Trewier sits

[7:46pm] King_Zultra_I: If everyone has nothing to ask related to the meeting, I would like to conclude this at 7:45PM GMT R-2_Patrick_Cosh

[7:46pm] stigwig: Oh wait

[7:46pm] • stigwig rises

[7:46pm] stigwig: Will you vassalise kingdoms?

[7:46pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes

[7:46pm] King_Zultra_I: Upon reaching two decent Vassal Kingdoms we'll be the Zygethian Empire

[7:47pm] Vengrir joined the chat room.

[7:47pm] King_Zultra_I: Vengrir ?

[7:47pm] Vengrir: Yes

[7:47pm] King_Zultra_I: You new?

[7:48pm] Vengrir: I guess im just late

[7:48pm] King_Zultra_I: Yes

[7:48pm] stigwig: It was 6:30

[7:48pm] King_Zultra_I: The Manuscript of the meeting will be found here

[7:48pm] King_Zultra_I: yes 6:30PM GMT

[7:49pm] Vengrir: Super, I'll read it when it comes online

[7:49pm] King_Zultra_I: which will be within a few minutes

[7:49pm] Vengrir: Sounds great

[7:49pm] King_Zultra_I: I officially close this meeting at 7:49PM GMT ]